Take good pictures of your car before it goes on sale

Tips for better pictures of used cars. The Internet is a visual medium and it must be reflected in images. Good presentation of pictures provides better opportunities for the customer to see the car, create a positive image and choose your car. While some improvements will add more value to the car for the customers.

The starting point for good sales images: Set aside time to take good photos. Photography by motto: more car less light.
Use proper digital equipment, it is cheap to buy and mobile phone is not yet developed enough to take pictures of a high quality service.

Prepared freshly washed car

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The antenna will be reduced, or at. The windows will be closed on the sedan and open to cabriolets. Stickers will be removed. They are a thorn in the side and destroy the car’s lines. You can put on their new logo again. Turn off the radio if it is not what you want to highlight. Dirty floor mats changed or left out. The paper mats can be added to the post.

Imagine the environment of the car being photographed in the suit car’s image. Use a simple background without unnecessary noise. A beautiful natural light can always benefit from the car. Photographed the car in front of the doors so that the sea trade name and logo in the background so that it can be read.
Avoid oil stains on the ground, or drain covers in the field of vision – it’s seen as a leaking car. In classic or older cars: Choose an environment that is older than the car. By contrast, the environment must be modern in new cars.
Cabriolets can be practically photographed in the wild, by the water or the gate, so it matches the personal freedom of the car’s image.

The best time is at sunset when the light is warm and glowing white

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Every curve and angle to go forward. The car lacquer will at best “liquid”. Avoid backlit and own shadow in the image. Wanting to photograph the engine can be a light dish reflecting the daylight down to the engine. Don’t focus. Strong contrasts in the engine compartment omitted in perspective, such as white battery with a lovely black engine block design.
Give. a Tripod, so the camera is stuck when shooting.


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Here are some freer reins, in the form of how the car is photographed. There are 3 main groups / divisions of the pictures:

1. The car from the outside, scraping or slopping over again, full size.
2. The car from the side, or sloping from the rear, full size.
3. Dashboard, photographed from the back seat, without a flash.
4.Feat seats from the driver’s side door open.
6. Photographed from the rear / slope from the back.
7. Particular detail: engine, wheel caps, rear.
1This photo is the most important image.
2-4 Should bring. The more pictures the better the answer.
5-7A picture selected as especially important for the customers you think needs the car, so the luggage size is important for families with children.

Take lots of pictures, especially the details of some visible enhancements, and pick the best for your ad. Save to the rest of the file on your computer, since the buyer often wants the images sent by the search. You may want to have close-ups of defects so that the buyer is not found while browsing the car. It is a waste of both time and the reason for that price.
Updated pictures of seasonal changes.

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