Credit from private to private

Credit from private to private is booming. Find out more about the reasons and advantages of this modern financing option. No matter which side of the portal you are on. The personal loan offers opportunities for investors and borrowers.

Credit from private to private – a European success story

Credit from private to private - a European success story

Everyone is talking about the credit from private to private. Borrowers who are disappointed with the German banking system are flocking to refuge in personal loans. The inflow on the supplier side is no less large. With the two market leaders in particular, more and more private donors are looking for refuge from the devaluation of capital in the savings book. The boom was made possible by the dollar crisis. She “caught” both sides completely unprepared. The German banking system did not collapse. Only the small savers and simple borrowers were literally “put out the door”.

The global crisis was triggered in 2008 by bad loans in the United States. Various major European banks bought the junk papers and almost went bankrupt themselves. The only thing that saved her was the German taxpayer, who has effectively been financing the dollar since then. The low key interest rates of the Lite Lender came with the banking crisis. Since then, the money in the savings book has lost purchasing power every day.

In addition, bad loans should now be tackled on a large scale. German borrowers were not to blame for the misery, but they have to face the consequences. Fewer and fewer applicants meet the requirements of a credit check.

Loan and investment without the bank

Loan and investment without the bank

Large capital has long since left the dollar. This money is safely invested in Singapore or New Zealand today. For small savers, capital flight from the dollar is not that easy. On the one hand, there is a lack of know-how, good and safe systems are rare. They invest their money securely in the loan from private to private. The large platforms make capital investment simple and extremely secure thanks to transparency. High capital splitting into the smallest investments and the perfectly organized processing service of a connected bank ensure that.

Disappointment with increasing loan declines and excessive security requirements of ordinary commercial banks are causing the steadily increasing influx of borrowers. For them, the private loan means a credit opportunity on fair terms. Interest rates are moderate, not everyone who is not a lifetime official is rated as an unmanageable credit risk. A person-to-person loan can be approved in almost all situations.

Limits of personal loans

Limits of personal loans

The credit volume is of course always linked to the intended use and collateral for loans from private donors. Home finance on affordable terms are now the order of the day.

However, small and microcredit from private is particularly strong. Even with a negative Credit Bureau, depending on the general situation of the borrower, credit opportunities remain. The loan from private to private is therefore an inexpensive alternative to a credit broker or foreign loan. Only those who pose a real credit risk to investors will not get a loan.

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